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The company won the title of "high-tech enterprises."

2021-12-09 13:58


High-tech enterprises refer to the development of new fields through science and technology or scientific inventions, or innovative operation in the original fields. On the basis of defining the scope of high-tech industry, the concept of high-tech enterprises can be defined from the Measures for the Identification and Management of High-tech Enterprises promulgated by the State in 2008. Therefore, in China, high-tech enterprises generally refer to the state promulgated "the state's key support of high-tech fields" within the scope of continuous research and development and transformation of technological achievements, the formation of enterprise core independent intellectual property rights, and on this basis to carry out business activities of residential enterprises, is a knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive economic entity.


Promote the transformation of enterprise science and technology

Innovation is the fundamental driving force of enterprise development, high-tech enterprises identified the policy as a guiding policy, the purpose is to guide enterprises to adjust the industrial structure, take the development path of independent innovation, continuous innovation, stimulate the enthusiasm of independent innovation, improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities.

Enhance the corporate brand image

Explain that the person in charge has a strong sense of innovation, high market development ability and management level. It shows that the enterprise is a high-growth enterprise supported by the state, which has good potential economic benefits.

Enjoy tax breaks

Identified high-tech enterprises, can implement a preferential tax rate of 15% (the first 25%) of the tax rate reduced by 10 points, the amount of tax reduced by 40%.

Improve the market value of the enterprise

It proves that enterprises have strong technological innovation ability and high-end technology development ability in this field, which is conducive to enterprises to develop domestic and foreign markets; ; It is an important condition for enterprises to bid.

Improve the capital value of enterprises

High-tech enterprises are an important condition to attract local governments and industry organizations to implement preferential policies and financial support for enterprises, but also have the strength to attract venture capital institutions and financial institutions, so as to promote enterprises to quickly invest in industrialization.

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